How Can We Become World Changers

A world changer is a person that views the world is their home and believes that the utmost mandate to people is always to make it a better living place for all humans. Changing the world as most people think is not a sophisticated task that needs setting up plans and methods, it is just a process that begins with mentality. The well-known world changers did not do anything extraordinary other than belief in their capabilities to make a difference and work towards their set goals. To become successful world changers, the process begins at a slow pace that slowly picks up the speed until the characteristics of change now start to illuminate.


Intuitively, change begins by contemplating to realize what we are passionate about, the experiences we have undergone in life and how they made us react. With this profound insight, we can set a goal for what change we want to implement and then work towards it. An example is William Wilberforce whose sole purpose to help change the rule allowing the slave trade. He fought for more than 25 years with his reputation and stake and even helped the people transition from the slave trade. Today, he is crowned a world changer for the exemplary work he did which led to the abolishing of the slave trade. Basing on his experiences, time is not a constraint in changing the world. All that matters is identifying a purpose for change and giving it all we got to achieve the change.


Moreover, changing the world involves having a positive perspective on all negative issues affecting the community and trying to resolve the problems that are human-caused. For example, enhancing appropriate political methods, helping to reduce crime rates and advocating to minimize social issues. A world changer will strive to correct the problems by acting as a role player by avoiding engagement or participation in unethical social activities. Spearheading activities kept in place to reduce problems is a bold step in changing the world because any efforts made help to make the world a better place.


Another perspective of view towards changing the world is regarding innovation and creativity. Innovations act as world changers from all aspects including security wise through the invention of security enhancing devices that can curb threats easily and keep the society. Moreover, new machines help in making work easier which serves to benefit the world through the creation of equipment’s that are environmentally friendly to minimize the climatic hazards caused by pollution. Innovations improve the status of people in the society through the creation of job opportunities which help create a source of revenue for the community.


In conclusion, changing the world counts in every little step taken towards helping the society become a better place. Therefore, people should challenge themselves and try according to their capabilities as the result of the very minimal efforts each person inputs leads to the transforming of the world into a better place. For sure, as the common saying goes, there is no power of a thumb without a palm!


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